Hipica Nueva Atalaya dressage arena

Review of Hipico Nueva Atalaya Stables: Probably the Best Horse Riding Experience in the North of Tenerife

This article has all the information you need about Centro Hipico Nueva Atalaya.

I personally rode there for a year in 2022 and 2023. The post’s title picture has me on the white horse. 😊

Liva after a training at Hipico Nueva Atalaya

The Hipico Nueva Atalaya Stables offer a variety of different services including lessons for all levels of riders, a cafe for parents to relax and a small, but well-stocked shop.

I especially loved how well all  the horses were cared for at this stable, and the fact that they had paddocks. This was a rarity in Tenerife as land is very expensive and hard to come by.

Boxes for horses

This stable clearly had the intention of putting horses well-being first. The stable is very tidy, horses were always washed after rides, stables were mucked out and horses always had fresh hay and water.

Contacts, Location & How to Get There

The stable is located at Camino de la Luna 42, Los Rodeos, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife. This stable is quite large by the island’s standards. It is in a very cozy area at the foot of the hills surrounding La Laguna city, with some lush forests around.

Phone numbers: +34 922 975 383 & +34 693 819 479.

Email: gerencia@nuevatalaya.com

Hipico Nueva Atalaya on Instagram and on Facebook.

A horse and a pony in front of the stable’s parking lot

The easiest way to arrive is by car, as the ride is only 5-7 minutes from La Laguna. There is ample parking space at the stable, and it’s free.

It is also possible to arrive at the stable by bus. Take bus 11, 12, 54, or 57 from La Laguna, and 17 minutes later you’ll almost be at the stable. The stables are approximately 3 minutes from the bus stop. To get the current Titsa public transport schedules, just check on Google Maps as the information is fully synced with the public transport authority website.

Facilities & Services


Intermediate and advanced riders’ arena

The stable has three arenas: one for younger kids, a jumping arena and a dressage arena.

Hipico Nueva Atalaya kids arena

Prices for horse-riding lesson  

Price list on the Hipico Atalaya website

A regular lesson costs 15 EUR for one hour. An advanced lesson with jumping costs around 20 EUR. It is also possible to get a subscription for 10 lessons for 130 EUR, bringing down the cost of one lesson to 13 EUR.

Quality of the equipment and horses

All the horse equipment fit properly and was of very good quality.

All horses were well cared for and horses were available for every age and level of rider from beginner to experienced riders.

View of the main riding arena from the main pedestrian walkway of the stable next to the cafe

Trainers’ presence during training

On regular days there were two trainers for younger kids and beginners.

There was one dedicated trainer for intermediate riders, and one trainer for advanced riders.

Safety measures in place

Are riders are insured, and the insurance price is included in the lesson fee.

All riders who jump have to have a vest, as well as have to go through a training course and get certified (which can be done at the stable). Riders are always supervised by a trainer.

Equestrian Shop

Box Hipica inside view

The stable has a small, but well stocked shop with goodies for horses and riders. The shop is relatively pricey, for example, there are saddle pads for between 80-110 euros.

Box Hipica inside view. You can more or less see what’s on offer

However, there was a relatively large selection of various equestrian equipment: saddle pads , jumping boots, polo wraps, as well as some treats and supplements. The riders section offered a nice selection of breeches, helmets, gloves, boots and some other stuff. The brands listed on the stable’s website: Euro-Star, Kingsland, Cavallo, Shamsield, Uvex, Cas-Co, Horseware, Leovet, Lexhis, Harrys Horse, Stubben, Pessoa, Spooks and others.


Cafe working hours: Monday-Friday from 12:00 to 20:00. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00.

There is also a cafe for parents to wait for their kids. The café also serves quite a good brunch on weekends, and lunch and snacks are also available. The café closes quite early, so don’t plan to have a dinner there.

My mom and dad enjoyed waiting at the cafe as they could not only have a coffee, but also see how I’m doing. In most other stables the spectator’s waiting area is not so well positioned.

It is possible to rent facilities for kids and other party, and get catering from the cafe, as well as horse-riding classes for kids.

Riding Experience


For warm-up you usually warm up by yourself in the advanced group, but with supervision by a trainer.

I loved the way the trainers taught. I rode in the advanced group and jumped up to 43 inches / 110 cm. The trainers always gave you their full attention and explained everything very precisely.

I was very happy that my trainer spoke good English as I did not understand much Spanish! My trainer’s name was Pedro, and he was able to explain everything very precisely. Every lesson we jumped something different both for the horse’s confidence and for the rider’s.

All the trainers are very kind and very patient and understanding to the riders.

Types of rides available (e.g. trail rides, beach rides)

There are rides available for younger kids and beginners. There are rides for intermediate or higher level, for those who are starting to jump. And there are also advanced classes for those who are doing bigger jumps.

Forest rides are also available for beginners, which are guided by a trainer and the horse is on a lead reign. No beach rides are available as the stable is far away from the ocean. And, anyway, riding on the beach is not permitted anywhere on the island.


Hipico Nueva Atalaya Dressage Arena

The stable hosts show jumping competitions around 6 times a year. Dressage competitions happen more often.

Competitions happen every few months but you do have to be picked by your trainer to be allowed to participate. Competitions are also sometimes hosted by neighbouring stables.


Liva asked to add this picture for the conclusion

Me and my family recommend Club Hípico Nueva Atalaya as probably the best horse riding stable in the North of Tenerife. I really recommend this stable for all levels of riders as it is a great yard to both learn horse riding skills and move up your skills level. Prices are also competitive in our opinion.

A big plus of the stable is its location close to La Laguna and in such nice surroundings.

Other recommended stables in the North of the Island

You might have heard or observed that quite often horse treatment on the island differs from that on the mainland, and not in the good direction. Before you commit to a stable, go and check it out to see if the welfare standards are good, read some Google or TripAdvisor reviews, talk to locals. Please support stables that uphold good horse welfare standards!

Liva grooming a horse at Hipico el Molino in Tegueste

If you are closer to the Tejina and Tegueste area, for example, are staying in Puerto de la Cruz, we also recommend Hipico el Molino, Calle Cmo Lomo las Rías, 18, Tegueste. This stable is managed by two lovely women and will also be appreciated not only by riders, but those who have to wait at the property.

Liva at Tenerife Horse Rescua – the horse and animal sanctuary

If you want to support horses, consider visiting Tenerife Horse Rescue. It’s a genuine NGO that helps mistreated and abandoned horses on the island (along with some other animals). You have to call them first before a visit, but it was a very nice experience every time we went there. All donations go towards upkeep. They also had a decent thrift shop that I liked to shop in.

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