A sign of the Alcampo supermarket in La Laguna, Tenerife.

Gluten-Free Products in Tenerife’s Alcampo Stores

A picture of the Smart Travel Family. 3 of 4 family members are celiacs

Three out of four Smart Travel Family members are celiac, so we know firsthand about this condition and the challenges and dangers coming with it. And – how difficult it is to find gluten-free food as a traveler in a new location.

This guide will help short-term tourists and those planning to stay in Tenerife for longer periods to quickly find both gluten-free essentials and treats. The guide includes a general overview and also covers all main supermarket chains in detail.

Do Alcampo Tenerife stores have a good gluten-free selection?

Alcampo (know as Auchan in mainland Europe) has the best gluten-free selection on the whole island, period.

While SuperDino and Mercadona stores also offer a good selection, that variety of GF items in the two Alcampo stores is at least three times as big.

The only downside – there are only two Alcampo stores on the island.

What gluten-free items are available in Alcampo stores on the island?

Alcampo stores have a very wide selection of Schar products, but there are also plenty of other brands: Gerble, Gullon, Gallo, Alcampo GF line, Sinblat, Noglut, Nestle, Bsan, Yatekomo, La Santina, La Cocinera and others.

Let’s dive into more detail – here are the items we noticed and a comment about each of them.

Alcampo gluten-free shelf

There are gluten-free supermarket shelves and then there is the Alcampo gluten-free shelf. What you see in the picture are only about 2/3 of what’s on offer in each of the stores. The selection is indeed humongous. The other 1/3 of items are scattered around the store, and not only in the frozen goods aisle.


The Alcampo stores had at least three different brands of bread each having two or more varieties. Now that we don’t live in Tenerife anymore, we really miss the Alcampo (Auchan) GF bread. The Alcampo brand had also a number of other really good gluten-free items, particularly their breakfast cereals. More on those below.

Flour and gofio

Of course, a store like this carried plenty of gluten-free flour as well as certified gluten-free gofio, traditional Canary Islands roasted corn flour.

Fresh and frozen pizza, pizza bases

Alcampo had not only plenty of fresh and frozen pizzas for baking at home, but also at least two different brands of pizza bases.

Hamburger buns

Alcampo had hamburger buns on offer, but we usually bought these in Mercadona as they were cheaper and even tastier (if you don’t mind sesame seeds).


Look at this cookie variety. And these are not even all of the cookies that were on offer in Alcampo stores.

Cupcakes, brownies, Magdalenas and other sweet treats

Breakfast cereals


Of course, the Alcampo stores had many types of pasta, both from gluten-free wheat and corn flour, as well as couscous.

Beers, lots of them

The Alcampo stores were a celiac beer fan’s wonderland. We’ve never seen so many gluten-free free beer varieties in the same location. Represented brands: Ambar, San Miguel, Cruzcampo, Mahou, Estrella Galicia, Daura.


While we didn’t take a picture, there was always at least one oats variety on offer in Alcampo stores. In other SuperDino and Mercadone stores gluten-free oats were usually not available.

Savory cookies, crackers etc

These are nowhere near all of the savory cookies and similar items that were on offer.

Tortilla wraps

Yatekomo instant noodles

Non-celiac folk don’t understand the fascination of celiacs with instant noodles, as the GF variety is hard to come by. We admit that we bought these for our kids as a treat and for meals when the parents didn’t have the time or energy to make something. These noodles were available only in Alcampo and SuperDino stores on the island.


Other frozen goods

Alcampo store locations in Tenerife

Alcampo has only two stores on the island – in La Laguna and in a location between La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz. Plus, there’s is an internet order pickup location near Los Cristianos.

Did you notice something else in these stores not covered in the post? If yes, please leave a comment and, if possible, share a picture which we’ll gladly include in the article. You can send us an email to smarttravelfamilyhq@gmail.com or also on Facebook or Instagram.

This article is part of a series on gluten-free selection in Tenerife’s supermarket chains. Go to the main article to get a quick overview and what’s on offer in other stores: Alcampo, SuperDino, Mercadona, Lidl, Aldi, and 5 Oceanos.

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