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Gluten-Free Products in Aldi Tenerife Stores

A picture of the Smart Travel Family. 3 of 4 family members are celiacs

Three out of four Smart Travel Family members are celiac, so we know firsthand about this condition and the challenges and dangers coming with it. And – how difficult it is to find gluten-free food as a traveler in a new location.

This guide will help short-term tourists and those planning to stay in Tenerife for longer periods to quickly find both gluten-free essentials and treats. The guide includes a general overview and also covers all main supermarket chains in detail.

Do Aldi Tenerife stores have a good gluten-free selection?

No. Period.

Aldi is the worst
of all supermarket chains when it comes to gluten-free goods on the island. If you have a choice, go to any of the nearby SuperDinos or Mercadona stores.

However, if you’re stuck with Aldi, here’s what you can expect to get.

Inside view of the Aldi store just outside La Laguna on the way towards Puerto de la Cruz

What gluten-free items are available in Aldi stores on the island?

The selection is quite limited. These are the items we found. If you’ve noticed something else, please leave a comment and, if possible, share a picture which we’ll gladly include in the article. You can send as an email to or also on Facebook or Instagram.

This article is part of a series on gluten-free selection in Tenerife’s supermarket chains. Go to the main article to get a quick overview and what’s on offer in other stores: Alcampo, SuperDino, Mercadona, Lidl, Aldi, 5 Oceanos.

Frozen pizza

Aldi carries two types of gluten-free pizza – prosciutto and mozzarella.

Breakfast cereal

Aldi has one brand of basic breakfast cereal.

This is, of course, quite disappointing as they carry a relatively large selection of regular cereals. There are no other tastes available.

We don’t know about your kids, but ours can’t stand the bland taste of this type of cereal anymore.

Gluten-free potato chips

Aldi had one variety of certified gluten-free potato chips from the Matunano brand.

Rice crackers

Thankfully, Aldi also carries the perennial staple of all coeliacs – rice crackers. This is good news as we couldn’t find any gluten-free bread in Aldi stores.

Further disappointments

No gluten-free flour

We were disappointed that Aldi didn’t carry any gluten-free flour. Not even certified gluten-free gofio – Tenerife’s traditional and famous roasted corn flour.

No Yatekomo instant noodles

While Aldi carries some Yatekomo, there were no gluten-free instant noodles which are an excellent crisis meal or a quick snack when the kids are alone or parent’s don’t have time for cooking.

To find the Yatekomo instant noodles, go to either Alcampo or SuperDino.

No gluten-free pasta

While there was plenty of regular pasta in Aldi stores, there was no gluten-free pasta. Pretty unbelievable, to be honest. Not even one brand of gluten-free pasta was available.

Aldi store locations in Tenerife

Aldi has at least 7 stores in Tenerife, and all of them have pretty much the same assortment of goods, including gluten-free items.,-16.7219344,10.66z?entry=ttu

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